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Hunting Season Cancelled

Now you are asking yourself.....What could I have done to prevent this ?

Isn't it a little late for that question !!!!!!!

Are you concerned about this title ? You should be !

My fellow hunters, our sport is in jeopardy across this great nation of ours. Everyday the anti-hunting groups get a little bit stronger. Every day you hear about an unethical hunter in the news media. How come we never hear about the good things hunters do ? Why, you ask ? Because people only dwell upon the negative impact that hunting has on society. The media does not consider it newsworthy unless a crime is committed. The antis are always promoting their viewpoints on hunting and we all know what they are. But, the biggest problem hunters face is the hunting community itself. Yes, I said it and I am an avid hunter. We are an apathetic group.

Does this make your blood boil!


Ask yourself a few simple questions. What have I done to promote the sport of hunting in my community ? Have I defended hunting and upheld it's traditions in every sense of the word. Have I written letters to the editor of my local newspaper in rebuttal to and negative comments I have read? Have I written letters to my local and State Representatives regarding crucial hunting topics that may affect my hunting grounds ? Have I sent articles to the local media promoting our sport ?

If your answer to any of the questions is yes, then you are on the right track. If you answered no to all of the questions then you have two choices:

Get busy and promote our sport, or....

Join PETA or the Fund for Animals.....because you are no better than they are.

I personally hope you choose the former and not the latter !

So, if hunting is ever cancelled your area,(WE) have only ourselves to blame.

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"We have a tough job ahead of us but working together we will win this anti-hunting struggle because right is on our side. However, if we take our hunting heritage lightly and do nothing to preserve it , our freedom to hunt will cease to exist. When our civilization no longer cares about our freedom, our wildlife, our natural resources, and our environment, they will also cease to exist."

-- Fred Bear

If anyone have any comments,ideas or links to PRO hunting groups that I can add to my site please email them to me.

I challenge you yo find Pro-hunting sites on the Net if you can.   We are outnumbered!

Contact your Congressional Representatives here

Links to Pro Hunting Sites

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Pro-H unting Website



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