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Pennsylvania Record Book BUCK ?

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As far as the story of this deer it wasn't anything special.I have been hunting the same area for about 30 years and in the last ten or so I hunted for the fun of it , not for the reason of killing a deer. I enjoy the outdoors and seeing the different animals that are in the woods, and as a result I have left quite a few buck.go in the last five to ten years and maybe this was the four pointer I left go
two years ago. Plus the fact that my dad and a friend of ours haven't hunted for the last three years has allowed some of the buck in the area to get a little older and grow better racks.

The story:

I went up on the mountain about three weeks before the season to scout out the area to see what part of the area I hunt might have the best potential. I found a spot that had a lot of rubs and a few
scrapes, so I picked out a tree and got it ready for the first day.I left my truck at 4:30 in the morning and started my hike to my tree. I arrived at the tree at 6:15. I climbed the tree and proceeded to wait just like a lot of other hunters. The morning was damp, drizzly, and foggy. My visibility was reduced to about half of my normal view from the tree. I had herd deer moving by me in the fog
but couldn't see anything. The fog lifted about 10:30 and I started to see deer. I saw four doe around 11:00, about 11:30 a big doe with a small doe and button buck came up to me and bed down about 30 yards from me. That was good because all I had to do was watch them
and they would let me know if there was anything moving through the area. About 12:30 a doe and another button buck came by me. About 1:00 three doe came by me and the ones that had been bed down also got up and went with these three doe. Then around 1:30 I heard a noise
coming through the scrubs and I saw the legs and belly of a deer, it turned and walked away from me then it turned and walked into a clearing, I saw it was a doe but there was another deer behind her,
I waited for about two minutes and out stepped a young doe. So I put my gun back on the hook and watched these two deer for about 5-10 minutes. Then I heard a twig crack from the area these two deer had come from and I thought maybe this could be a buck. I keep looking and I saw the legs and belly at the same spot I had seen the doe earlier and this deer did the same thing the doe had done and started walking away from me. Then there was something different I heard him
grunt then I knew it was a buck and all I was wondering was if it would be a big enough rack to shoot. When he walked through an opening of about five foot I saw the horns and picked out the next opening to take the shoot, and sure enough right when he got to the opening he stopped. I moved the cross hairs back on his body and waited. He finally started to move and I followed his shoulder with the crosshairs and when I didn't have any brush between him and me I fired. He hunched up took two or three hops and went down. I never got a real good look at the rack before I shot and when he fell his head was under him and he was laying on his back and I couldn't see the rack. I hung up the gun and had a cup of coffee to settle myself down. I could see the rack and I knew it was pretty nice. After about 10 minutes I got my things together and climbed down the tree and walked over to him. I lifted his head and was amazed at the size of the rack. It was the biggest rack I had ever seen come off that mountain. Then after field dressing the deer I started the 3 hour drag.

Pretty Good Story:  If you like this deer please email TERRY and congratulate him !!!  Way to go Terry !

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